• Anton Wintergerst
  • Programmer/Developer

Mobile Applications


Be the envy of all your friends with the ultimate synth pads. Record your own sounds and start producing the next dub step hit or hand it to your kids for hours of ad free entertainment.

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APT Postcards

Create and send personalised postcards instantly.

Postcards are great fun to receive but you often get home before they do. The APT Postcards app allows APT Club members to make personalised postcards using their own images and messages. Choose to email them instantly or submit for printing and they’ll be mailed to the recipient within a few days.

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iSPY with my Eye

iSPY with my little eye something beginning with... Everyones favourite family game now available in the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Download iSPY and start playing with your family and friends today!

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3D Rendering

Gran Prix V8 Facility

Culcairn Ave Frankston

Williams Cove

Durham Rd Kilsyth

AquaGen Animation

The Tanz

Joomla Extensions

Ji Custom Fields

The way you wished Joomla worked all along!

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Ji Grid

The fast and intelligent template framework for responsive web design.

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Ji Migrator

An intuitive and powerful extension to transfer Joomla content.

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Multi-touch Home Screen